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The Different Types of Planters In Vancouver

Want to add some natural colors into your home? Finding the right planters in Vancouver can be key to making your home's interior or exterior look alive. There's so many combinations to choose from. You might be intimidated by seeing the wide array of available choices, but that's the fun in choosing planters! They give your home a unique look. Rather than throw in everything you like in one go, we've outlined some basic pointers on what kind of planters you should get to decorate your home with to match the overall theme.

Planter Size

Considering the planter size is essential because your plant needs enough room to grow. Put them in a constricting planter, and they might not grow at all! Plants need adequate space for their roots to spread. A good rule of thumb is to buy a planter that's twice the size of the plant you'll be planting. It should also be wide or deep enough to hold the right amount of soil.


Your plants need water and oxygen in order to grow properly. Sure, they need water every now and then, but too much water can be fatal for them. You'll need good drainage to allow excess water to leave the soil. A good planter is one that's made from breathable material or has good drainage holes. These features allow water to drain out and circulate the air around the plant's roots. Planters made from wood are excellent in that they absorb extra water from the soil.

Planter Weight

Where do you plan to put your plants? If on the deck or balcony, you'll need to consider the planter's weight. If you're planning to constantly move your precious plants around the garden, then a lighter planter is the way to go. You'll need to also factor in the plant and soil's weight in the overall decision.

Planter Durability

The more durable a planter, the more expensive it becomes. A planter that's cheap isn't expected to last long, and may even cost you more trouble and money in the long run. Consider a higher quality planter if you have the budget. A planter's durability often depends on the material that was used to create it. So look for durable planters made from fiberglass, galvanized metal or stainless steel.

Why Buy Wholesale Planters?

If you have a yard or a garden full of beautiful plants, then you might want to buy your planters wholesale to save significant costs. You can choose from a lot of different materials such as galvanized metal and aluminum, and they come in different sizes and designs as well! You can easily find the ones that match the theme of your home.

Doorstep delivery is another benefit should you choose to buy Vancouver planters wholesale. You can easily place your orders and receive notification on where your planters are and when they are arriving. Timely deliveries are the norm, which gives you peace of mind.

Customer support won't be a problem when you buy planters wholesale. These platforms are striving to improve their brand and customer base across the nation. They are equipped to handle any types of planter concerns and questions.


Planters are one of the best options for growing beautiful, healthy plants. Take the time to find the right kind of planters in Vancouver, and you'll be well-rewarded with a vibrant home.