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Things to Consider When Looking For the Ideal Planters in Vancouver 


When looking to revamp your interior or exterior landscape which has become aesthetically malnourished, there are a few features that should be given top priority, that being said, one of the most important things is to get the right planter that really resonates with your plan. Many homeowners find that finding the perfect combination of containers considering the vast array of varieties available on the market, to be the most daunting challenge. There is however no reason to fret, in this article we will be going over a few types of planters that can be found in Vancouver as well as what you should look at in order to find the ideal planter for you basic landscaping and decoration needs.


1. Size Does Matter

The reason why the size of the planters is so important is because if you were to purchase the wrong size, your plants may be positioned closer to each other then they should be, this will therefore reduce the ample space that is needed for proper root growth. A plant that is healthy requires plenty of room for aeration, if not they will start to wilt. A planter that is the perfect size is one that seems to be two sizes smaller than the actual plant. It should also give enough room to hold a good amount of soil so that every plant can grow amiably and have plenty of space for root development and growth.


2. Take the Drainage into Consideration

In order to properly grow, plants require proper supply of oxygen to the roots. When the soil becomes clogged due to excess water, this can cause the roots to become waterlogged and even begin rotting. This is why it is of utmost importance that you purchase a planter which is embodied with breathable materials as well as proper drainage holes. A planter with proper drainage will allow for the air to freely circulate around the roots as well as prevent overwatering by helping to draw away any excess water. Due to their porous nature and the fact that they offer better drainage, wood planters are considered to be the best option.


3. Weight Is an Important Factor

As you select your planter, consider the wide array of places where it will be used. If it will be regularly used in a balcony, deck or in the garden, then for the sale of easy mobility, you should consider one the weighs less. You should also take the overall weight of the soil, plants and water into consideration. Just to play it safe, look into planters which are made of lightweight materials.


Are There Any Advantages to Purchasing Wholesale Planters?


Here are a few of the advantages to purchasing wholesale planters:


1. A Vast Variety of Choices

Wholesale suppliers generally have an ample range of planters available. This also makes finding one that perfectly aligns with your personal preferences and needs much easier. It also allows you as the customer more control over being able to make a well informed decision.


2. Helps Save Money

Buying wholesale is definitely always less expensive than buying retail. When you buy from a wholesaler not only will you be saving a few bucks, you will also attract a significant discount.


3. Home Delivery

A unique platform is provided with wholesale, you are able to place your order and after you have received the proper documentation, your planters are delivered in a timely manner and right at your doorstep. This provides you with peace of mind as well as allows you to avoid the hassle of having to transport the planter.


4. Ample Experience and Knowledge

Generally wholesalers have been handling these planters for quite some time. What this means is that their experience and knowledge on the subject is extensive. By purchasing from them you are guaranteed that as a customer, that knowledge will be passed down to you. That being said, before you make the decision to purchase one, it is important that you become familiar with the various kinds that are available as well as understand the factors you should take into consideration when looking for the perfect planter in Vancouver.


5. Outstanding Customer Service

Wholesalers pride themselves on being professional and the customer service they offer is excellent as opposed to small companies which may not even have customer care departments.


In Conclusion

Although the technology they offer is not complex or sophisticated, planters offer authentic features that can assist you with your planting and therefore lead to higher levels of productivity.