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How to Choose the Most Appropriate Planters in Vancouver


Planning to give the exterior or interior of your property a fresh look with some vibrant plants, there will be some important considerations that will ultimately affect the appearance you are let with. The most important of these is choosing the best planter who will get a feel for the project and make your unspoken wishes come true.


Another one will be properly selecting the best combination of containers, with so many options on the market at the moment this can be pretty daunting. But have no fear, this article will provide the illumination and perspective to make a decisive decision with confidence.


Here you will find an overview of the planters you can find here in Vancouver and which will fit your needs the best. Here is what you need to know about the best planters in Vancouver:


The Size Matters

Different plants require greater spacing between each other for optimal growth. The wrong sized planter could place these plants too close to each other and this can adversely affect the growth of their roots. Without sufficient space to aerate properly plants will begin to wilt. As a rule of thumb the best sized planter will appear 2 times as small as the plant itself, There should also be enough room to add plenty of soil so that each of the plants has enough space for proper root growth and soil aeration, this will enhance the development process.


Consider the Drainage

To grow well plants need to have sufficient oxygen reaching their roots. If the soil is clogged with too much water the roots can suffocate, become waterlogged or begin to putrefy. The best planters are those that features small drainage holes to allow excess moisture to escape, planters made of breathable materials are also ideal.  Wooden planters make an ideal option due to their porous nature and inability to hold water.


Weight is also Important

When choosing the best planter, apply some foresight to the ways the planter will be used and where. For example, planters that will be used on porches, shelves, decks or otherwise moved about should be light enough to offer the gardener minimal trouble. The addition of a growing plant or plants, soil and water will add up significantly. Unless you are exceptionally strong and looking to exert yourself, you should always go for planters made of lighter weight materials.


Consider the Quality

Planters can run at high prices. But never forget that price is what you give, where value is what you get. It would be a poor investment to buy planters that only last a year or two. Look for the greatest value. Here that means looking for planters made of strong durable materials like galvanized steel, heavy-duty wood, fiberglass, etc. Choosing planters made of top-quality materials will give you the most value for price as they will live last enough to justify the purchase.


Consider the Advantages of Buying Wholesale Planters

Wide Selection — wholesale suppliers will typically have access to wider selection in their inventory. This means you, the consumer, will have access to a greater amount of options that will fit the needs you have. Combined with your customer sovereignty you will make an enlightened choice.


Cost Effective — By skipping out the middleman, you can be sure your are getting a better price than you would buying retail. In addition to saving some bucks here, you can also take advantage of other discounted prices when buying wholesale.


Home Delivery — buying wholesale means that your purchase can be delivered to the comfort of your home,. This saves you time the one commodity we can never get more of.


Experienced Providers — wholesale providers have been working with their products for a long time and are the experts in your field. This experience can be applied to getting you the most applicable solution at the best price.


Outstanding Customer service — wholesale providers have a high standard of customer service and departments dedicated to this pursuit. Retail outlets may know little about their product and often have no customer care department.



While they may seem like rudimentary implements, planters are innovative tools that can help you maximize your planting productivity. Before you purchase your planters, be sure to fully appreciate the use they will receive and consider your many options so you can be sure of the best experience possible.