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Square Planters | Round Planters | Cube Planters | Custom Shape | Planters

We offer tons of shapes and sizes of planters. From rectangles to cylinders, we got it all! We want to guide you to find everything you need for all of your projects! 


Cube Planters

Straight lines never looked better. Our cube planters come in aluminium, corten steel, stainless steel and fiberglass. This gives you a wide variety to pick from so that you'll have no problem finding the right planter for any project.

Rectangular Planters

This is our most popular shape due to the length and how well smaller plants grow in them! Pair this up with one of our self watering systems and you have a full fledged planter!

By having a self watering system, it well allow you to save time and have great healthy plants! Self watering systems store al water and feeds the plants only when they need it.

Round planters

Perfect for larger single plants like trees, bushes - your plants will be happy to be in this well spaced planter. The cylindrical shape of this planter gives a nice modern touch to any location!