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Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Planter In Vancouver

Finding the right planter for your home or office can be tricky at times. With numerous options available, making the right pick can be a little daunting especially if you need something that will make your dreams come true. Whether looking for a way to decorate your home interior or exterior, choosing the right planter can make all the difference. To help you deal with this, we have outlined some of the basics in a planter that you should look for, especially when in Vancouver. Some of the factors to consider include:

1. The Size

The planter needs to have adequate space to allow optimal root growth. As long as there’s adequate room for root growth, you can be assured of a healthier plant growth. The planter should be able to hold enough soil to support the plant’s growth to maturity. The size of the planter may, however, be dictated by the type of plants you wish to grow in the same. The planter should be at least half the size of the plant at its maturity.

2. Drainage

Proper drainage is required to prevent water logging within the planter. Properly drained soil is rich in oxygen, one of the vital compounds needed for root and plant growth. The only way to ensure proper drainage is by going for a planter with several drainage holes for increased air flow and water drainage. With oxygen circulating properly around the roots, and the drainage holes preventing waterlogging, you can be assured of a healthy plant. Most people go for wood planters for they are porous, hence better drainage.

3. Overall Weight

The garden placement and amount of space available within the same should help you choose the right planter. If you prefer changing the arrangement and look of your garden once in a while, or the garden is on a balcony, you should then consider going for a lighter planter. Experts recommend factoring in soil, water, and plants in the planter when making their choice. Nonetheless, planters made of lightweight materials are mostly preferred/recommended for deck or balcony gardens.

4. Durability

The quality of the planter determines how durable it is. While there are plenty of cheap planters around, these won’t last as long as most of the expensive models in the market. While extensive research and shopping around for the same is recommended, it would be advisable to go for an affordable planter and not, a cheap one. Cheap planters cannot only lead to recurring costs (which is more expensive) but also be a cost to your crops. Some of the best planters in the market today are made of fiberglass, stainless, and even galvanized metal materials.

Buying Wholesale Planters: The Benefits

Cost savings: You get to save more money by going for wholesale planters as compared to local ones. This is because wholesalers give discounts on their products more often than retailers. A wide range of choices: Wholesalers provide a variety of planters which enables consumers to choose based on their preferences and needs. The planters may come in different shapes and colors, hence considerably much better. Shipping and Delivery: Most wholesalers have an online platform where you can make an order and wait for a delivery in your home or preferred place. The order comes with a detailed documentation of the same, meaning you never have to worry about leg work. These suppliers also strive to ensure the shipment is delivered on time thus giving you peace of mind. Customer Service: With wholesalers seeking to improve their market and serving more people, they often set up customer service departments to handle customer queries. These staff can therefore help you make a more informed choice on the right planter for your garden. Smaller companies or retailers may however not have this service. Experience: Most planter wholesale companies have been in business for a long time, hence have the required experience on plant science and planters. This is an added advantage as it gives them an edge over newer companies.


Familiarizing yourself with different options and type of planters out there is the first step to choosing the best one. Knowing what features to look for is the key to finding the best planter for your garden.