With a square, symmetrical mouth that tapers smoothly to the bottom, this painted fiberglass planter adds a unique twist to traditional tapered pots. The clean lines at the top and bottom create dissonance with the curved edges, immediately drawing the viewer in. It captures attention and keeps it, providing myriads of visual interest whether it's used alone or in groups.

  • Resistant to corrosion, frost, and UV
  • Available in in multiple stock colours, as well as custom colours
  • Available Sizes (diameter inches)
    • 12"L, 12"W, 12"H
    • 16"L, 16"W, 16"H
    • 20"L, 20"W, 20"H
    • 24"L, 24"W, 24"H

Choose muted neutrals to inject your industrial space with a bit of life, or use coloured planters to make it the focal point of your landscape design.

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