The scalloped edges of this planter immediately draw the eye and add an incredible amount of visual interest to a space. The finish of the painted fiberglass plays with light and shadow as it moves across the planes of this planter, invoking the power and beauty of nature around us. It adds to the beauty of your plants, framing them without adding an artificial look. The result is a seamless convergence of manmade product and nature.

  • Resistant to corrosion, frost, and UV
  • Available in in multiple stock colours, as well as custom colours
  • Available Sizes (diameter inches)
    • Top 16", Base 9", Height 30"
    • Top 22", Base 12", Height 40"
    • Top 23", Base 10", Height 20"
    • Top 15", Base 7", Height 20"
    • Top 22", Base 10", Height 27"
    • Top 26", Base 10", Height 31"

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