These painted fiberglass rectangular, tall planters are nothing fancy when viewed alone. But place them together to create instant impact. Or, use them to frame a doorway for a subtle, welcoming effect. Durable fibreglass keeps the colours true, immune to effects of the weather such as sun-bleaching or rain erosion.

  • Resistant to corrosion, frost, and UV
  • Available in in multiple stock colours, as well as custom colours
  • Available Sizes (diameter inches)
    • 14"L, 14"W, 22"H
    • 18"L, 18"W, 30"H
    • 23"L, 23"W, 37"H
Perfect for use in small places, the Quadrum 8310 has a small footprint and a tall stature. They balance a space and truly perform in landscape design.

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